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Right, that's that out of the way. I'm not really a deceased leader of international communism, I just look like one (so I'm told).

I work as a senior biomedical scientist (a job far less grand than it sounds) at a histopathology lab in Kent, UK. If you're squeamish, you probably don't want to know what this involves.

My interests include roleplaying, science fiction, secularism, and critical examination of claims of the paranormal, among many other things. You're only going to find information on roleplaying on this page - so far, at any rate.

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Harn TribesWriting


Not a Dead Communist

This is where you can find updates on my writing, including any information on publication dates I may have. It also includes reviews of HeroQuest and general musings about events that are going on. This is also where you can find any updates I may have on skepticism.


This is where I talk about some of the latest news in mammalian zoology - or at least, whatever happens to catch my eye in any given week. It also sometimes includes some general thoughts on mammals, and tries to cover a different animal each week. It is hopefully written in an accesible style, without some of the dry and technical prose used in the journals themselves.

The Torkani

The darkness-worshipping Torkani tribe of the Gloranthan kingdom of Sartar is explored in this section.

Descriptions of the cultures of some of Glorantha's animal-worshipping Hsunchen peoples can be found here.


Material related to the Malkioni religion of Glorantha can be found here.


Information on my published works can be found here, along with some of my stories.

Harn Tribes

Back in the day, I acted as general coordinator for the Harn Religion Team, a group of fans producing information fleshing out the religions of the Harnworld fantasy game setting. The HRT is defunct, but you can still find the old tribal religion info at thi site, focusing on the deities worshipped by the many tribal nations of the forested isle. You can also find the HRT Miscellanea section here, which includes all those bits that didn't fit anywhere else.

Excerpts from the unpublished City of Shiran supplement, originally written for Columbia Games, are also available.


I also have some notes on medieval and renaissance technology written up for an old fantasy campaign with a later than usual setting. If you want to know about the accuracy of timekeeping in the middle ages, or when spectacles were introduced, then this should give you some answers.


Gruesome player handouts from my Call of Cthulhu campaign, making use of my knowledge of real-world pathology and anatomy.


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